Rethinking rewilding

Geoforum, 65 (Oct 2015): 482-488, doi://10.1016/j.geoforum.2014.11.016


The term ‘rewilding’ sounds as if it should have a straightforward meaning ‘to make wild again’. But in truth the term has a complex history and a host of meanings have been ascribed to it. Rewilding as a specific scientific term has …

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Conservation implications of parasite co-reintroduction

Conservation Biology 29, no 2 (April 2015): 602-605.

Parasites with a high degree of host specificity may have extinction rates similar to their avian and mammalian hosts thus warrant attention from conservation biologists. During reintroduction and other translocation projects, typically little thought has been given to whether or not a parasite …

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Podcast with Lund University

An interview with me was recorded for the Department of History at Lund University on 16 October 2014. I talk about the field of environmental history, as well as my own work. The podcast starts and ends with some Swedish commentary. The interview with me goes from 05:30 to 30:00 and …

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Kunsten å lytte til naturens stemme?

Fortid 4 (2008): 6-9.

Co-authored with Finn Arne Jørgensen.

Dersom vi definerer historie som studiet av fortiden, kan vi da kalle miljøhistorie studiet av fortidens miljø? Svaret er mer komplisert enn som så, først og fremst på grunn av det noe vanskelige miljøbegrepet. Hvor går grensene mellom natur og kultur, mellom …

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