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Except where noted, this blog contains my original research, based on archives, journals, magazines, newspapers, and other historical artifacts. If you want to refer to my work, please create a link from the blog entry and also write out the citation: Dolly Jorgensen, “entry name,”, entry date.

All text and images on this blog that are written/produced by me are published under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 3.0 Unported License. Reproduction is permitted only for non-commercial purposes and with proper source attribution as listed above.

On this blog, which documents my work as a research scholar, I often use images obtained from other places. I follow Swedish copyright law to determine if an image is still within copyright protection. Some basic points about this law are:

  • Photographs are copyrighted until 50 years after the photograph was taken. After that it is in public domain.
  • Art works, which would include drawings reproduced in a book, and literature are copyrighted for 70 years from original production. After that it is in public domain.
  • Making an image available to others, for example through a digital version of the work, does not confer copyright to the copier. Copyright belongs to the person who made the work.

In addition to images that are no longer in copyright, I reproduce images which are available on the internet and labeled as Creative Commons licensing. I of course use my own judgment about whether or not the person making the claim has the right to do so.

On occasion, I also use the image of a product or advertising that might currently be in copyright. For the purposes of this blog, I consider that use part of “Fair Use” for scholarly purposes.

If someone believes that I have misused an image for which he/she claims to own copyright, the person should contact me directly via email to resolve the matter.

Source citation is included with all textual quotes, typically via link, author name, and year. Complete biographic citations are available upon request via email.
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