This is a collection of video recordings of talks that I have given at different events.

Dissecting the heart: An emotion history approach to the environmental history of extinction. Given as a seminar talk for the Nanyang Technological University History Programme and the Environmental Humanities Research Cluster, January 2021.

The Remains of Extinction. Given as keynote at the Association of Critical Heritage Studies 2020 conference, August 2020.

Naming the Victims of the Extinction. Given at the Climate Change & Data Storytelling event hosted by the Penn Program in Environmental Humanities, May 2020.

Naming Extinction: Cultural Heritage Institutions as Agents of Environmental Citizenship. Given as keynote at the Klimaarv: Klimaforandringer og relationen til kultur- og naturarv event of the Coast to Coast Climate Challenge project, Aarhus, Denmark, March 2019.

Book talk on Recovering Lost Species in the Modern Age. Greenhouse book talk series (online), March 2020.

På sporet av dyr i coronatider. Given at Plutselig kollaps, snikende sammenbrudd, National Library of Norway, June 2020. Starts at 1:17:00 in the video.

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