I have co-edited several academic volumes on historical topics.

Recovering Lost Species in the Modern Age: Histories of Longing and Belonging

forthcoming with MIT Press, October 2019 This groundbreaking book brings together environmental history and the history of emotions to examine the motivations behind species conservation actions. In Recovering Lost Species in the Modern Age, Dolly Jørgensen uses the environmental histories of reintroduction, rewilding, and resurrection to view the modern conservation paradigm…

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Visions of North in Premodern Europe

Visons of North in Premodern Europe (Brepols, 2018) examines where, who, and what was envisioned as North in the Premodern era. The North has long attracted attention, not simply as a circumpolar geographical location, but also as an ideological space, a place that is ‘made’ through the understanding, imagination, and interactions…

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Northscapes: History, Technology & the Making of Northern Environments, which looks at the making of environments with technologies in the northern reaches of the globe. The idea of North is a multivalent concept. It is geographical, but more than just Arctic; it is both an imagined space and a place of…

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New Natures

New Natures: Joining Environmental History with Science and Technology Studies brings ideas from Science & Technology Studies into environmental histories. New Natures broadens the dialogue between the disciplines of science and technology studies (STS) and environmental history in hopes of deepening and even transforming understandings of human-nature interactions. The volume presents historical…

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