Feelings for nature : Emotions in environmental history

Andy Flack and Dolly Jørgensen, in The Routledge History of Emotions in the Modern World, ed. Katie
Barclay and Peter N. Stearns, 235-251 (Routledge, 2022)

More-than-human environments often evoke highly consequential emotional responses which are always rooted in spatial-temporal contexts. Human emotions have often directly impacted not only on the lives of more-than-human animals living both close-at-hand and in far-flung parts of the world but also on their wider habitats and the natural systems that support them. In this chapter, we trace the ways in which emotions history scholarship has come into conversation with environmental history, and we illustrate the need for future explorations at that interface via a pair of case studies – species extinction and dark environments – which together illustrate the various ways in which these fields might engage and mutually enhance each other’s understanding of past people, times and places.

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